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To keep your work strong, durable and looking good, it’s important to finish it with one of our solvent-based sealing treatments.

Offering protection against the damaging effects of weather, and reducing staining and efflorescence, we stock top quality sealers, with one to suit every situation.


Here at Tilers Trade Centre on the Sunshine Coast, we stock only proven products from leading manufacturers. We make sure you have what you need to get the job done right.

And don’t forget, we offer FREE DELIVERY from Caloundra South to Cooroy.

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DAVSIL 300ml is an elastic one component acetoxy cured silicone sealant available in a variety of colours. It is suitable for sealing applications, and for expansion joints. Suitable for expansion joints, sealing junctions between tile and bath, cupboards, shower bases etc. Joints where tiled walls and floors meet. Internal and external applications. Joints up to 25mm wide and 12mm deep. Sealing of pipes, air ducts, aluminium frames, windows etc. Ready-to-use, is easy to apply, seals quickly and leaves a clean finish, Being silicone-based, DAVSIL remains elastic, making it ideal for use in areas where continuous movement is expected DAVSIL provides good thermal stability, UV, and weathering resistance. DAVSIL provides effective long term sealing, and is suitable for professional, industrial and DIY use.

Davsil Silicone Data Sheet


TECNISEAL A is a premium quality, ready-for-use, one-component sealant which reacts with atmospheric moisture at room temperature to form an elastic rubberlike seal. Incorporated fungizide agents prevent surface from mildew-spotting.

TecniSeal Data Sheet



ARDEX SE is an acetic cure silicone sealant which is ideal for use in tiling applications due to the superior bond achieved when being used with glazed surfaces such as ceramic tile. Due to its high elasticity, ARDEX SE is able to accommodate movement up to 25% of the original joint width. It is exceptionally easy to apply and smooth, curing to form a permanently elastic, waterproof and dustproof joint seal.

ARDEX SE meets the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements.

Ardex Silicone SE Datasheet

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