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GRIPSET GP is a General Purpose Primer and bonding agent
Fast drying next application can be carried out 20-30 minutes after application
Coverage 1L/8m2
Internal External applications
Can be utilized over porous surfaces and diluted with water to assist penetration
As a bonding agent can be mixed with cement and brush coated
Shelf life 12months unopened
gripset gp sds
gripset gp

GRIPSET E60 – Epoxy Primer

This is a two part water based epoxy compound suitable as both a primer and protective coating to prevent moisture penetration and rising damp
Able to be applied over damp surfaces and green concrete screed and renders
displays excellent positive and negative pressure resistance
Suitable for internal and external use. Underground and immersed applications
Clean with water
Coverage approx. 1L/3m2

gripset e60 sds
gripset e60 epoxy primer

GRIPSET OP – Non Porous Primer

Gripset OP is a solvent free primer developed for use on enhancing properties on metals, non-porous and dense substrates.
Good for both vertical and horizontal surfaces
Internal and External use
Can cover Plaserboard/Compressed Sheeting/Existing Tiles/ Scyon/ Glass/ Plastic and Concrete.
This product can be used over existing paints and other coatings
Coverage is 1L/ 12m2 is required
Easy cleanup with Water

gripset op sds
gripset op non porous primer

Primer G

Mapei Primer G is a Resin Based Water Dispersion Primer with Low VOC
Great product for treating gypsum surfaces. Improves the bonding of smoothing compounds on cement, gypsum, asphalt, ceramic, chipboard, foamed concrete, cement fibre sheets and marble surfaces.
This Primer provides uniform absorption in cementitious surfaces.

Light Blue in colour
Stores for 24 Months when unopened
Minimum drying Time 2hrs
Consumption depends on the absorption of the surface – Normally between 0.1 and 0.2kg/m2
Which means 5Kg will cover approx. 25m2

Ardex P9 Primer

Ardex P9 Primer is a single part primer
It improves adhesion to smooth, dense and non porous substrates
Available in 1L and 4L
Coverage is 4L = 24-40m2
Good for use internally and externally, tile over tile, cement sheeting, Scyon, rendering, screeds, masonry and lightweight blocks
Drying time is approx. 20min with 23degC and 50% humidity

ARDEX P 9 Primer SDS
ARDEX P 9 Single Part Primer Datasheet

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