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Top Quality Tile Sealers

To keep your work strong, durable and looking good, it’s important to finish it with one of our solvent-based sealing treatments.

Offering protection against the damaging effects of weather, and reducing staining and efflorescence, we stock top quality sealers, with one to suit every situation.


Here at Tilers Trade Centre on the Sunshine Coast, we stock only proven products from leading manufacturers. We make sure you have what you need to get the job done right.

And don’t forget, we offer FREE DELIVERY from Caloundra South to Cooroy.

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SOUDAL – Trade Fill and Paint Gap Filler

Trade Fill and Paint Gap Filler is a high-quality, plasto-elastic one-component joint sealant based on acrylic dispersions.

Easy to apply
– Colourfast and waterproof after full cure
– Can be painted after curing
– Good adhesion on porous surfaces and on aluminium
– Filling of joints with movement up to 10%
– Joints on window sills, between plinths and floors, between brickwork
– Filling of gaps and cracks

SOUDAL – Finishing Solutions

“Soudal Finishing Solution” is used for the smoothening of all types of joints.

  •  Easy to use
  • Makes smoothing sealants easy
  • Suitable for acrylics, silicones, SMX and hybrid sealants


Soudal Finishing Solution Data Sheet



TECNISEAL A is a premium quality, ready-for-use, one-component sealant which reacts with atmospheric moisture at room temperature to form an elastic rubberlike seal. Incorporated fungizide agents prevent surface from mildew-spotting.

TecniSeal Data Sheet


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