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Choose The Right Waterproofing Product For Your Tile

Choosing the correct waterproofing product for the task is a key component is making the job a success. It doesn’t matter how good the tiles, tile grout and glue are, if the area is not properly waterproofed, problems will surface in the future.

There are many different types of membrane or moisture barriers on the market, including polyurethane, acrylic, and epoxy moisture barriers.

Water-based acrylic membranes are the most common on the market, and must be compatible with the choice of adhesive.

Polyurethane membranes can be rigid or flexible, with the latter the most common for tiling purposes.

Epoxy moisture barriers are generally water-based, and are great for uses such as vinyl floor installations. These products must also be compatible with other materials used.


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Moistureshield is a two part, roller applied, breathable epoxy coating specifically designed to reduce moisture vapour emissions in concrete and other substrates.
Can also be called a Negative Pressure Membrane
For use over dry and damp concrete and other masonry substrates to reduce the moisture vapour emissions to facilitate the correct installation of membranes, tiles, vinyl, timber, adhesives and other floor coverings that require protection from moisture

Packaging is 20 litres (10 Litres Part A and 10 Litres Part B)
Rolls on like paint
cures in 24 Hours
Can be applied over 7 day old Green Cement

LATAPOXY Moisture Shield Part A

LATAPOXY Moisture Shield Part B

Duram Reo Waterproofing

Duram Durabit Reo Waterproofing – is a water based synthetic latex polymer emulsion which reinforces the liquid applied in this membrane.

Suitable for Wet areas, External above ground use, Balconies, Decks Retaining Walls, Showers, & Landscaped areas.
Great to apply to block and brick work, foam, fiberglass FC and CFC Sheeting Cement, Timber and many other areas

Available in a 15L Bucket
Coverage of a 15L bucket will cover 18m2 with one coat at .5mm DFT.
Depending on the texture, condition and porosity of the surface, two coats should always be applied, allowing for curing time, before tiling.


Hi-Flex Construction Sealant Sausage

Hi-Flex Construction is a elastomeric joint sealant with Hybrid Polymer technology
Neutral cure with Low VOC and high movement capabilities and excellent UV and weathering properties
Non-Bleeding, Non-Staining
Great for General purpose sealant and expansion and construction joints
Sealing and finishing external wall and cladding joints
Window fixing and commercial shop fronts
Bonding and sealing auto and marine manufacturing
Priming is not necessary

hi_flex_construction data


For forming unbonded and bonded screeds on new and existing slabs in interiors and exteriors prior to installing wood, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural stone, carpet
or other floor coverings in areas where fast-drying screeds are required in order to lay floorings in a short time.

• Forming screeds that are trafficable in 12 hours and completely dry in 4 days, for installing wood parquet and resilient flooring such as rubber, PVC, linoleum, etc.
• Screeds that are ready to receive ceramic tiles after 24 hours and natural stone flooring after 2 days.
• Repairing screeds in areas where it is required to lay floorings in a short time (e.g. supermarkets, shops, residences, offices, etc.).
• Forming heated screeds without the need for plasticizers.




Waterstop Streamline

Our Waterstop Streamline products can be either Straight lengths or Right Angled lengths

They allow a level for screed, waterproofing and of course the shower screen to be fitted.

Very popular with a Anodized Silver appearance.

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