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Choose The Right Tile Adhesive For The Job

Choosing the right adhesive for the job is crucial to get the best results. And that means using a quality glue that is both durable, and compatible.

To correctly advise you we need to know if the adhesive is for floor tiles, or wall tiles, indoors or out. Are the tiles ceramic or porcelain? Are you fixing them to a cement floor or wall, cement sheeting, plasterboard?

All of these factors are important to protect not only the finished job, but also your reputation as a quality tradesperson on the Sunshine Coast.


Here at Tilers Trade Centre, we stock only proven products from leading manufacturers. We make sure you have what you need to get the job done right.

And don’t forget, we offer FREE DELIVERY from Caloundra South to Cooroy.

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LANKO 135 Feather Edge is a highly polymer modified fast setting cementitious feathering mortar, for use on irregular/uneven concrete floors, prior to the application of floor coverings, such as tiles, carpet, vinyl etc. It requires the addition of only potable water to achieve a high fluid consistency producing a smooth, level, and hard surface. Lanko 135 Feather Edge can be applied in multiple layers with each layer being no more than 10mm thick.

Lanko135 Feather Edge Data Sheet


A premium water resistant, flexible rubber based, fast setting, cementitious adhesive for bonding ceramic and stone tiles to porous and non-porous surfaces subject to vibration and thermal movement.

Monoflex Data Sheet


ARDEX D2 is a premium grade dispersion adhesive offering superior non slump and shear adhesion characteristics. Based on exclusive polymer technology, ARDEX D2 is the ultimate performance wall tile adhesive.

Its unique formulation allows it to be used in wet areas (such as shower walls) without the adhesion strength being compromised over time.

ARDEX D 2 Datasheet

Davco – Davelastic

A concentrated tile adhesive additive designed to increase flexibility, strength and water resistance of cement-based products

Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Davco Davelastic being an acrylic polymer creates water resistance in mortars, which enables them to be used in wet areas including concrete swimming pools, spas and external façades.

Available Sizes 1Ltr, 5Ltr and 20Ltr

Davco Davelastic Data Sheet

MAPEI – Nivorapid

Ultra-fast setting, thixotropic, cementitious levelling mortar for horizontal or vertical surfaces, from 3 to 20 mm thick layer

Nivorapid is used for repairing, levelling and smoothing interior floors, walls, steps and arrises where very rapid hardening and drying are required.

Mapei Nivorapid Data Sheet


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