Prevent Cracked tiles with these Tips

Doing a good DIY tiling job means having the right tiling equipment from the Tilers Trade Centre. There’s nothing worse than laying down a new tile floor, only to find that one has cracked shortly after. In that case, you have two choices. You can replace the entire tile, which is rather difficult, or you could just leave it. Or, you could take measures to prevent those tiles from cracking in the first place. There are several things you do to keep this from happening. Keep reading to find out what they are.


Choose Porcelain Tiles


One of the best ways to prevent your tiles from cracking is to choose those that are well made and sturdy. Porcelain is the sturdiest and the most resistant to cracks, making them the ideal choice for many tiling projects. Glazed ceramic is nearly as sturdy as porcelain. However, for either choice, you need to be sure the subfloor is stiff enough to hold the tiles in place once they’re in place.


Use Plywood and a Concrete Subfloor


Most experts will tell you that your subfloor needs to be a combination of ¾-inch plywood, topped with a ¼-inch of cement board. You’ll want to keep the joints of the plywood and cement board from lining up. That way when you walk on the tile, it won’t press at the same place for both parts of the subfloor. Using an anti-fracture membrane on your subfloor can also help keep tiles in place.


Look for Dead Spots


You should be able to determine if there are dead spots beneath the tile by listening for a hollow sound when you walk on the floor. If you detect this sound, you could be experiencing moisture from the slab below. Knowing where these spots are before you lay new tile helps ensure that those dead areas don’t lead to cracking. Use a vapour barrier beneath the tile and a membrane between the slab and the tile. This will help reduce the risk of cracking once your tile is in place.


Consider Expansion


Anywhere your tile meets the wall or another type of flooring, there’s the risk of expansion, which can lead to cracks in your tile. Make sure you leave a bit of space to allow for this, using a baseboard or mortar to cover the space and make it blend with the rest of the look. That way you have a seamless look without any cracks along the edges.


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