Diamond Coated Hole Saws

The diamonds are of the highest quality yet so fine, the smaller hole saws are made from the pressing of one steel tube.
The larger hole saws are made from three pieces the shank, cup and body. They’re then welded together using a laser.
Not by conventional heat induction, as heat induction can cause tiny cracks during the brazing process.

The rim is then pressed, passing through to be electro-plated; then follows the last procedure which is nickel plating.

Hole Saws can be suitable for both Grinder application and Drill usage.
Perfect for both the home handyman and the tradesman

Tornado, C-Cut, Diarex and Ox have a range of sizes from 6mm – 105mm depending on your needs
Some brands also have an adapter which allows you to go from Drill to Grinder with ease