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SureSeal – Quick Dry (Formerly Gold Label Impregnator)

Sure Seal Impregnator is a  Penetrating Sealer for Grout, Tile and Masonry (formerly GOLD LABEL) in liquid form, Quick dry uses the same formulation as award-winning Sure Seal® Grout and Tile aerosol sealer.

This durable, quick-drying formulation is suitable for all types of tile and masonry surfaces, including grout, (damp/wet or dry), quarry tile, sandstone, terracotta, limestone, stucco, concrete, porcelain, marble and granite.

It helps protect treated surface against penetration of oil and water-based stains. Retains the natural appearance of the tile/stone surface and will not effect the co-efficient of friction. Also UV light resistant and allows the treated surface to breathe. Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available in 1L, 4L & 20 Litres

Grout-Tile-Stone-Sealer-Quick-Drying-Tech-Data-Sheet Data Sheet

SDS Sure Seal Grout Tile Sealer – Quick Drying